Synchronization, Backups and more for Joplin.

End to End Encrypted notes are just the start.
Effortless sync, daily backups, and other services that enhance Joplin, powered by RagtimeCloud.

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Features of Ragtime Cloud

Synchronization and Backups

No need to host your own WebDAV server or sign up for NextCloud or OwnCloud. Ragtime Cloud offers WebDAV and Joplin Server based synchronization so you can sync your End to End Encrypted (E2EE) notes.

Along with synchronization, we'll also take periodic backups of the encrypted content you have stored with us

Note storage and bandwidth that scales

Notes are pretty light -- whether you need 1GB, 5GB, or 10GB for your notes, pick the plan that fits your needs. We also offer 'unlimited' storage plans for those who have really heavy notepads.

Upload/Download bandwidth limits start at 100MiB/s and go up to 10Gb/s (and more if you need it), with prices lower than most large cloud providers.


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Unlimited sub accounts

Allow multiple users to sync their Joplin notebooks by creating sub-accounts. Support your whole family of note-takers with one account.

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Daily backups for your E2EE encrypted notes

You don't have to trust RagtimeCloud -- Joplin has true E2EE encryption, it encrypts your data on your own device. RagtimeCloud can help by keeping a backup copy (that we can't read) with retention varying from 1 month to 1 year. If you need even longer retention for your notes, reach out to us and we'll create a custom plan.

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Faster sync with Joplin Server

Power Users can make use of the new (beta) Joplin Server as a sync target.

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Multiple sync targets

Multiple sub-accounts not enough? Purchase entirely new Sync Targets at any time for hard isolation between internal teams or organizations. Separate sync targets will separate storage and bandwidth limits, but are all billed to the same credit card.

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Email to Note (coming soon)

Email notes to yourself or your team, and have notes in Joplin created automatically. If you're interested in this feature and would like to beta test it when it's ready, reach out to us at

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Static sites (coming soon)

Select a single note, notebook, or group of notebooks you want hosted as a static website, and we'll handle the rest. This requires syncing notes in unencrypted form. If you'd like to beta test this funcitonality, reach out to us at


  • 14 day free trial
  • WebDAV Sync Targets
  • Unlimited sub accounts
  • 1GB of storage
  • 100MiB/s upload bandwidth
  • 100MiB/s download bandwidth
  • 5GiB monthly bandwidth limit
  • 1 month of daily backup retention
$2 for one Sync Target
Power User
  • 14 day free trial
  • All Personal features
  • Joplin Server Sync Targets
  • Email to Note (coming soon)
  • 5GB of storage
  • 6 months of daily backup retention
  • 1GiB/s upload bandwidth
  • 1GiB/s download bandwidth
  • 25GiB monthly bandwidth limit
  • Email Support
$4 for one Sync Target
  • 14 day free trial
  • All Power User features
  • Static sites (coming soon)
  • Hosted API access (coming soon)
  • Premium Support
  • 1 year of daily backup retention
  • Unlimited storage (10GB included)
  • Unlimited upload/download (10GiB/s included)
  • Unlimited bandwidth (100GiB per month included)
$8 for one Sync Target

Supercharge your Joplin experience

Easy synchronization, backups, and enhanced functionality powered by Ragtime Cloud

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